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The Carrom World Championship is open to all registered players of the member Federations/Associations affiliated to the International Carrom Federation.

Special invitees from other nations too are permitted to take part in the events with the approval of the International Carrom Federation.

Only those affiliated Federations/Associations who have paid membership fees, annual subscription and/or other dues, if any, to the ICF, up to the current year, shall be eligible to enter team and/or individual players in the tournament.

Event Maximum Entries
Men's Singles 4
Women's Singles 4
Men's Doubles 2
Women's Doubles 2
Men's Team 1
Women's Team 1
Swiss League 8 (8-12 from Europe)

Participation Fee

Category Fee
Player 250 USD
Manager / Coach (maximum 1 per team) Nil
Extra Official (maximum 2) 250 USD
Umpire 150 USD
Swiss League non-team player 100 USD

The participation fee for players includes Doubles, Singles, Swiss League and team events.

Submission of entries

Entries shall be submitted onĀ EntryForm sent along with the Prospectus. Entry Form duly filled shall be returned together with requisite entry fee on or before 30th August, 2016 to Mr Amar Sanakal/Mr Anhar Ali Tournament Secretary/Treasurer, 7th Carrom World Championship Tournament ( and a copy sent to Mr. Mohamed Saeed, Secretary General, International Carrom Federation ( All forms should be signed by the President/Secretary of the nominating Federation/Association with their office seal affixed.

Each National Federations/Associations may remit the participation fee, as detailed above, along with the entries by 30th August, 2016 for all members of the contingent of their respective countries. The entry fees should be remitted to the UK Carrom Federation’s bank account.

Account Name UK Carrom Federation Ltd
Bank Santander Bank
Branch Bridle street, Bootle
Address Marseyside, L30 4GB
Account Number 39193587
Sort code 09-01-28
IBAN GB70ABBY09012839193587